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Frequently Asked Questions
Through the many years that we have been serving the Greater portland area, customers have come to us with their questions. We hope that you read this page carefully and if necessary please print it out. As always, if you do not see your question answered on this page, do not hesitate to reach us in the following ways:
Voice: (207) 774-6666 Fax: (207) 774-0236 E-Mail: ColonialTV@PeoplePc.Com

How do I prevent my equipment from blowing up during a power surge? It is always a good idea to have a your unit plugged into a surge suppressor / protector. This will help prevent any damage by means of a power failure or power spike. Your equipment always has electricity running throught it; even when it is turned off! If you plan to leave for a trip or you notice an electrical thunderstorm outside we advise you to unplug all of your electrical equipment (if it is possible).

Why can't I turn on the TV/VCR with the remote control or manually? Try unplugging the power cord and wait about 5 minutes. (This will reset your microprocessor circuit in your unit.) Plug the power cord back in and try turning the unit on. If your unit fails to turn on, then it's time for you to give us a call.

How come my batteries aren't lasting long in my remote? Sunlight is a major cause of battery depletion. So it is best to keep your remote control away from direct sunlight and off the floor away from your starving pets.

Should I dust my TV/VCR? It is always a good idea to dust all sides of a TV/VCR to limit the amount of dust getting inside. We've noticed using Endust for Electronics actually builds a protective layer to repel the dust away. A combination of dust and dirt and grease could cause your mechanism in the VCR to malfunction and the circuits in the TV to short.

Can a rental movie or an old tape ruin my VCR? Check your videotapes! All it takes is one bad tape to plug up your video heads, tape path, or knock out your alignment. Hold the videotape out in front of you like you're going to insert it into your VCR. Look for a notch on the right side (adjacent side of the VHS or S-VHS symbol of the tape) and press the notch in. Then slide the lid (front part of the videotape) back towards you exposing the videotape surface. Look at the surface and make sure it is shiny and free of wrinkles. The tape must be smooth and glossy. If you see impurities or defects on the tape like ripples get rid of the tape.
What are these strange numbers in TV Guide? These numbers are VCR PLUS+ codes. They were designed for you to record your programs easier than ever before. There is just one catch, you have to preprogram all of the cable stations with the corresponding VCR Plus+ number. It is somewhat of a pain at first, but afterwards it does make life easier.

Why do I hear these strange noises while I'm rewinding my videotapes? After a while of use, tapes tend to loosen themselves. It is good to periodically tighten your tapes. The most effective way to do this is to fast forward to the extreme end of the tape and rewind all the way back to the beginning.

Can I use a video head tape cleaner on my VCR? Remember that like a car your VCR needs to be serviced from time to time. There are lubricated gears and grease that dry up, not to mention video heads which can get contaminated or covered with dirt or grease. We recommend about every two years that you bring your VCR in to get serviced. You can use a cleaning tape but ultimately a VCR that is professionally washed out, cleaned, and lubed will last longer than any VCR that has solely been cleaned with a video head cleaner. If you do use a video head cleaning tape, make sure you follow the instructions exactly.

What brands of videotape should I use in my VCR? Stick with a well-known reliable brand of videotape like Maxell or TDK. Cheaper tapes are known after a while to leave tape debris and particles along the tape path of your VCR. This could cause problems in your VCR.

Note: In order to save money try to bring your TV or VCR into the shop, since there is very little that can be repaired in your home on the newer models.